Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tuje sab hai pata hai na maa!!!

i 'm short of words to thank god 4 givin me such a blessed family.they r my life...hw my mum has slogged so much has made me realise dat wateva it is u jus keep movin n movin ,n life vil b as easy as u want.hats off to her.i can nevah b like her.such a grt human being she is!offers her plate to d one who hasn't eaten nythng n wud luv to stay empty stomach.....she's my fren,my dad everythng.even if i find any handsum guy wlkin dwn d street i tell her bou it she's more like a fren dan a mother.its fun havin mum like her.my fren calls her pyaar se choti.lol.wen life seems difficult she's like a ray of lite in d dark whch fills me wid hope to move on in life.many times i dn't realise her sacrifize for me n my brthr...but wen i do feel her importance my eyes gets filled wid tears.I wonder m i givin her the same luv in return which she is showering on us??i really wish i cud fulfill al her desires n dreams which has bcum dorment inside her.parents r d permanent asset who accompanies us foreva.....

strong back of my dad

always considered my dad as the strongest person on dis earth..seemed things are so easy as i have my dad ..he can get anythng wat i want...nothing seemed difficult n impossible for me.but loosing him made me weak n n full of fear ...things started lookin as real n tough.in my early childhood only i got xposed to bitter truth oh life leart to compromise wid life rather den njyn it,no playing wid dolls,teddies n other stuff
he was like a protective shield...ever rdy to fulfill my family's desires..i was like d cutest doll of his dreams,but nw d situation is jus d opposite,he has turned like a dream 4 me...even though i knw his aura is sumwere arnd us but he is not approachable to us...i wish i cud have hugged him 4 d last tym..it is so painful to think dat dere's no substitute of a father but dis is life n d show must go on!!!!